Christina Goodall

Christina is a mother of 2 teenagers, and teaches music appreciation and singing at Michael Oak Waldorf School. She has trained in Curative Education and as a Waldorf teacher in Switzerland. She plays the lyre, piano and recorders. Her passion for music began early in her biography – as a child singing in choirs and playing music. She has studied a particular training of the voice – Werbek Singing – which schools the singer in becoming an instrument for the sound rather than just producing the sound. This gives the singing a more ethereal quality as opposed to a physical one. Music is always there. When we sing or play an instrument we make it audible – we are present in the moment and this awareness widens our soul.

Singing or making music in a group requires that we take everything around us into account – our focus can not only remain on ourselves. The elements of music – harmony, rhythm and melody becomes music only if they sound together – we need to work together to create the whole. Christina sings in the Cape Town Procantu Chamber Choir and is particularly interested in the therapeutic aspect of Music.